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Hernan was born and raised in Concordia, Argentina. He loves his cat Colo and in his free time he’s either shooting crazy out-of-this-world underwater photos, practicing Martial Arts or enjoying some home-made lasagna with a good glass of champagne
Always fascinated by art and beauty, his passion for photography took him to many places around the world but decided to make Riviera Maya, Mexico his home.

This is where he founded Magic Art Wedding Studio, working hand-in-hand with some of the most experienced photographers in the area to deliver nothing less than emotional and vibrant wedding stories.

His style, charisma, 10+ years of experience and reputation speak for themselves. A perfect combination of art, spontaneity, the “magic” of emotions and the ability to connect and immortalize precious moments.

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Wedding photography magic doesn't happen in front of the camera nor inside it. Comes from the entire environment full of joy and love. And the best way to create this almost unbelievable sweet scenario is that the person behind the camera make you feel it. That's why we have assemble the best team of professionals anywhere in Riviera Maya.

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