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Wedding photography magic doesn't happen in front of the camera nor inside it. Comes from the entire environment full of joy and love. And the best way to create this almost unbelievable sweet scenario is that the person behind the camera make you feel it. That's why we have assemble the best team of professionals anywhere in Riviera Maya.
Hernán Santiago (founder/principal photographer), is not the typical photographer, he radiates an honest environment full of miracles with his easy going personality. Many people consider him as a godsend from a world full of creativity, colours and magic. He makes brides feel more confortable, he is the one mother's adore and bridesmaids fall in love with, and your guest will really not notice him even when he is 6 feet tall! In Magic Art Wedding Studio we work with Photographers who share the same vibe, happy, creative professionals willing to show the Magic along with the passion, electricity, excitement that will blend in one, with the natural beauty that Riviera Maya offers. Magic Art studio provides the perfect formula between service, experience, talent and Magic not just to keep your best memories on a collection of still images but to also have the best day of your life in your hands.

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